Health Insurance

Florida Life and Health Exchange assists you with the purchase of both group and individual health insurance for a business headquartered in FloridHealth_Button-copy-1a or an individual residing in Florida. We empower you with Affordable Care Act knowledge so you can make an informed decision about your next health insurance purchase. We may even show you how to maximize a Federal Subsidy Tax Credits to reduce your out of pocket costs, and best of all, we help you free. If we had you at the word “free”, just skip to the “contact us” below and just type in the comment section “I want your free help”. You may also use our free quoting system [on this page] for individual health insurance quotes.
If you are still unsure, you should know our fees are paid from the operational fund of the insurance carrier you choose. The insurance company will keep our contracted fee and will not discount their product if go direct. We will consult with you before the purchase, and assist you after the purchase. It’s like being serviced at a restaurant, and who doesn’t like being serviced at a restaurant? We help you take the hiccup out of purchasing health insurance. Need more information? Click Here to contact an expert! 

Plans we provide:

  • Individual Health Insurance
    Group Health Insurance
    Partially Self-Funded Group Health Insurance
    Health Insurance Reimbursement Arrangement Plans
    Health Savings Account Health Insurance
    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Group Life Insurance Plans
    Group or Individual Dental Insurance
    Group or Individual Vision Insurance
    Payroll Services

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