Repealing Obamacare Affects Everyone

Repealing Obamacare Affects Everyone

According to an article written by Tami Luhby of CNN Money today,

“It’s not just for the 20 million people who have health insurance through the individual Obamacare exchanges or Medicaid expansion.

Under Obamacare, senior citizens pay less for Medicare coverage and for their prescription drugs. Many Americans have received free contraceptives, mammograms, colonoscopies and cholesterol tests. And small business employees with older and sicker workers have not been slapped with super-high premiums.”

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Personally, I think two aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) need to be overhauled. They are Prescription (Rx) plans and Laboratory Benefits. Within the ten (10) essential health benefits these two areas of healthcare are mandatory in all health insurance policies. These categories seem to be exploiting their U.S. Patents to keep competition away from their products which allows these industries to charge ridiculous high prices for them and translates to health insurance companies having to payout huge medical claim reimbursements to these industries. In turn, this causes Health Insurance Companies to raise monthly premiums, increase deductibles or take away co-payments for these services in order to maintain a level of stability required to offer insurance to the public. These high priced items are a huge reason for the ever increasing health insurance premiums Americans are facing each month.

Health_Button-copy-1The outcry has caused some very interesting websites to pop up to combat these industries; namely which compares where to find lower cost prescription drugs in a area of the country, and which compares where to find lower priced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerize Tomography Scans (CT scans), and X-Rays.

These website can show discounts from fifty percent (50%) to sometimes ninety percent (90%) savings for just paying cash for these products and side stepping the ugly deals being forced upon health insurance companies by the drug and laboratory companies. Stripping these benefits from the ACA essential health benefits and also stripping away the U.S. Patent that keep the drugs from being brought to market in generic form and protect diagnostic medical imaging companies from competition could go along way to bringing back free capitalism and a reduction to health insurance premiums. Please note, I am not advocating to not buy health insurance. I am advocating caution when purchasing these products through your health insurance. Doing your homework can save you “BIG” on medical costs. At Florida Life and Health Exchange, we empower you with the knowledge to make the best decisions regarding your life and health insurance purchases. That’s right! We help you “purchase” insurance. This means our fees are paid for by the insurance carrier you choose. You get our knowledge and support for free! I am sure may agree, life and health insurance can be complicated if you go it alone. We are here to help provide you with unsolicited advice before you purchase. We also make pretty good eggs benedict with a crab and sherry reduction too. But, seriously, the next time you are contemplating a life and health insurance purchases let us help you put the simplicity into life insurance and take the hiccup out of health insurance. Call: 321-241-6368 to schedule a phone or face-to-face appointment. Sincerely, Henry Goode

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